Thursday, 21 June 2012


Item in or boutique. In US we call it retail store, semua full price, unless ada coupon masa sale.
Any items yang dah off season from, kadang2 akan masok ke outlet but not all yg dah off season akan masok ke outlet. 

Item dari store
- ada dustbag
- logo lain (logo biasa kuda depan bag) but not all bag ada logo
- creed tak ada F
- creed tak ada bulls eye (stamping bulat)
- full price unless ada cupon at certain period of time

Item yang di buat khas for coach outlet
- no dustbag
- logo either *bulat* or tulis coach
- some from boutique/retail yg masok ke outlet (ada dustbag)
- di creed kalau dari retail dorang akan stamping bulls eye (in order orang tak return) back to the retail store
- creed ada F (factory) all bags yg ada F memang khas di buat for outlet
- sale price berbeza2 mengikut masa

Item dari coachfactory online
- sama macam dari outlet cuma price kadang2 berbeza skit from outlet store

*creed* - leather yg sekeping dalam bag ada tulis2 made in mana with style number etc

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